RØDE VideoMic HD microphone / digital audio recorder for HDSLR


The RØDE VideoMic HD is the first high quality audio recorder designed to be used on a HDSLR and I love he idea ! This flashgun like external mic actually records the audio instead of letting the poor electronics of your HDSLR spoiling the potential state-of-the art signal your external microphone is mashing… With the RØDE VideoMic HD your HDSLR won’t spoil anything as it actually isn’t a microphone, but an audio recorder which can record high-fidelity audio thanks to a super cardioide cell suspended in the shotgun type microphone that can be mounted on the flash hotshoe of your digital camera. The audio is recorded on a microUSB memorycard, which is nice because very thin and compact but that really s**ks because you will probably have to buy one and won’t be able to use one of many SD cards you have. Anyway, thee digital audio recorder has three levels of high pass filter and is delivered with a furry windshield from DeadCats. You can easily put it on and out of your DLSR thanks to a quick release mounting system. It has many recording options (see on Rode’s website) and is based on the acclaimed RØDE NTG3.
Rode has an optional adapter if you are an XLR absolute fanboy : RØDE VXLR 3.5mm to XLR adaptor.

Do you want one more thing ?
Here it is : the Rode VideoMic HD has an extra 3.5 line in so that you can add a lavalier or headset additional mic in order to add your clear voice to the ambient noise it will record. Neat !

You still want an other “one more thing” ?
Don’t move, this one will seal the deal and make the Rode VideoMic HD a must-have for all DLSR photographers who want to become serious about photography. It has a line-out 3.5mm that will let you plug your headset or earplugs and control the audio settings that you are recording. If you are familiar with video footage, you know that this is paramount and it happens that among all HDLSR gifted for Full HD 24p/30p/60p like the Sony Alpha 77, the Canon EOS 5D Mark II or the Nikon D5100…there is only one, and only one, that has an audio-in plug, the Nikon D4. (read our CES 2012 Nikon D4 hands-on preview).

Rode VideoMic HD for HDSLR
The price and availability of this microphone / digital audio recorder Rode VideoMic HD is still unknown

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