Fujifilm X100 BLACK Premium Edition


Fujifilm France marketing manager told me they had sold almost 100,000 pieces of the X100 in 2011. That is quite a success. They had a lot of requests to get a black version of the premium camera and guess what, Fujifilm today comes with the realization of their which, and with manner : Fujifilm is launching a limited edition (10,000 units will be produced) of the X100 called the X100 BLACK Pemium Edition.

If you buy it, you will get :
– the black Fuji X100
– a genuine leather “ever-ready” camera case (nicely designed, see the images)
– a lens hood
– a protective filter with an adapter ring
– an authenticity certificate with your X100 Black Premium Edition unique number

Apart from its black velvet smart color and a generous luxury accessories bundle, this X100 is exactly the same as the original with its APS-C 12 megapixels sensor, its high quality Fujinon 23mm f/2.0 lens and hybrid viewfinder, the same as the one fuji has implemented in their X-Pro1 mirrorless unveiled at the CES 2012.

See the Fujifilm X100 BLACK Premium Edition photo gallery :