Fujifilm X-Pro1 autofocus and shutter sound video


When I was in Las Vegas for the CES 2012, I spent 2 hours with Fujifilm Japan and the X-Pro1. I am preparing a full hands-on preview of the APS-C mirrorless camera, but, let me firts post these video from the -Pro1. On the first one, I recorded the noise and strange way of ficusing the Fujinon XF lenses have. You’ll see what I mean in the video. On the first half of the video, I press the shutter button half-way in order to activate the autofocus. On the second half of the footage, I trigger.

And if you like the X-Pro1, which I sure you do, here is a short film broadcasted during Fujifilm USA X-Pro1 announcement press event in Las vegas. I recorded the movie with my Nikon D5100 :

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  1. Glad you did this video of the sound of the Fui X-pro1 when it focuses. That looks pretty bad. I have loud cameras and that is why I bought et Leica M9 last year… but it actually is the loudest camera of the M-system in decades….