Canon EF lenses to Sony NEX E-mount adapter at Metabones


This is exactly the kind of photography gear accessories that I love to learn about as they really unleash the possibilities and creative opportunities of the lenses / cameras you already own. This lens adapter will allow you to use all your Canon Ef and EF-S lenses on your Sony mirrorless camera. Many Canon HDSLR users may have been lured by the outstanding high ISO image quality of the CMOS Exmor 16 megapixels sensor of the NEX-5N, or by the prosumer UI and insane video quality of the 24 megapixels Sony NEX-7 which review will be posted shortly here.

This Metabones designed Canon EF lens to Sony NEX adapter really rocks for a few reasons :
– first, of course it won’t use the autofocus and you will have to focus manually, but it gets a very smart button which will open the aperture ring to the fastest aperture in order to shallow the depth of filed so that you can focus manually easily. Smart, isn’t it ?
– second, it has electronic contacts that will send information to the camera in order to retrieve EXIF metadata in your JPEG and RAW files like lens name, aperture used, etc.
– third, this Canon EF lens to Sony E mount lets you use your hybrid camera in PSAM modes and control the lens’ aperture with the camera’s dial.
– as a bonus, optically stabilized Canon lenses (Canon IS) will offer image stabilization even when used on a Sony camera.

To me, this accessory is a must-have for all Sony NEX users who happen to have some Canon EF lenses. It will open a full range of new photographic opportunities and balance the poor NEX lenses that Sony seem to struggle to improve. The adapter is sold at Conurus online store for $399. Keep in mind that the APS-C sensor of NEX hyrbid cameras mean that your lens focal length will be 1.5x longer : a 24mm will behave as a 36mm, your 70-200mm will en up as a 105-300mm.

You may remember I switched from Canon to Nikon last summer. Imagine what I could have done with my former Canon lenses that I was using on the EOS 1D Mark IV and EOS 5D Mark II ?

Canon EF lens to Sony NEX adapter

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