Canon 4K RAW video recording on its way


EOSHD has all the details of a patent from Canon regarding a future RAW video codec. This proprietary RAW video codec, for 2K and 4K resolution, appears as published today but regards a patent that had been filled in 2010. This RAW video patent describe how 4096×2048 images in 12-bit and at a rate of 30fps / 2.8125 Gbs can slow this transfer rate down in order to allow CompactFlash cards to record it. This means that 4K video RAW movies could be stored on CF memorycards in the next generatin of EOS C camera (the EOS C300 is the first one of its kind in Canon’s range). But remember that Canon announced in Hollywood back in 2011 that they would launch a 4K HDSLR pretty soon. Still according to EOS HD who has translated the technical languages of Canon’s patent, this codec could support Full Frame HDSLR video from an RGB sensor with Bayer color array…

A lot of readers anticipate a new Canon EOS 5D Mark III / EOS 5D X, designed for video…. The CP+ Japanese photography trade show opens its doors within a few days now. The wait is almost over.



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