Bibble Pro 5 turns into Corel Aftershot Pro


If you remember last week, right when the CES 2012 was starting, we learned that Bibble Labs had been bought by Corel in order to insert Bibble Pro 5, the photography workflow software into their creative software suite (CorelDRAW, WordPerfect, WinZip, PaintShop Pro, Painter and VideoStudio). Well, today, Corel announced Aftershot Pro, a RAW photo editing non destructive software, which actually is Bibble Pro 5 itself.

Bibble say that their entire development team has been taken over by Corel and that they remain in their offices ion Austin, Texas. They actually sold the company a few months ago and had a chance to work on Bibble Pro 5 in order to bring a few improvements to its Corel labeled version, Aftershot Pro.

And that is the case as Aftershot Pro gets a somewhat refined user interface to make it an easier software to approach. (That was not very far as Bibble Pro was powerful, but looked a bit like a Powerplant)… They have added 15 new DSLR and their cameras RAW format support, improved the overall stability of the software and launched the “round trip” function of Bibble Pro 5 used as a plug-in of other softwares like Lightroom or Aperture. But the truth is, if you are a Bibble Pro customer, you can benefit from these refinements with the new update they published last week : Bibble Pro 5.2.3.

I am using a Mac. If you do so, or of you happen to enjoy being a rebel and work on a Linux based computer, you may fear Bibble / Aftershot Pro might not be compatible anymore with your operating system in the future as Corel’s softwares usually are for Windows operated computers only. Hopefully, Bibble confirm they will STILL DEVELOP the Mac and Linux versions of Aftershot Pro.

Pricewise, Corel / Bibble deal is pretty neat : if you are a user of Bibble Pro 5, the “upgrade” to Aftershot Pro is totally free if you bought it within the latest 120 days and charged only $19.90 if you purchased it before.

Here is the link to learn more about Aftershot Pro on Corel’s website.

Corel Aftershot Pro user interface
If you are familiar to Bibble Pro 5 user interface, you will recognize it here. Aftershot Pro is Bibble Pro 5.