Leica builds a new factory in Germany :turns to a Leicaworld


Non, not only Leica Camera is building a new factory, a gigantic 27,000 square meters wide covered area building located less than 4 miles away from the current Leica location in Solms. (Leica goes back to Wetzlar, where it all began with Leitz Camera)….
No, the manufacturer of the $7,500 body only full frame rangefinder camera does not only get new offices for its HQ able of gathering 600 workers, top notch eco friendly construction works…
No, Leica also want to capitalize on its brand image and cultivate it opening what could be seen as a Leicaland. Actually, it will be called Leitz-Park. The Leitz-Park consists of a famous and iconic Leica cameras museum, a photography gallery, a studio and of course, a store.

Leitz-Park / Leica new factory in Weitzlar, near Solms
Leitz-Park will open its door to the public in 2013.

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