Fujifilm X-S1 X-series bridge camera


I must tell you something. I am far from being a fan of bridge cameras although they offer tons of advantages like packing a huge X number zoom into a pretty compact body, but, I have been disappointed too many times by their image quality and poor reactivity. Using a small sensor can’t give anything really good…

And that is why, I am delighted to announce the Fuji X-S1, a bigger than usual sensor based bridge camera, featuring a CMOS EXR of 2/3″, that is to say, 54% bigger in area than traditional 1/2,33″ sensors. And guess what ! This sensor is the one we appreciate in the X10.

So the X-S1 enters de X range in Fujifilm’s lineup, with the X100 and the X10. This expensive ($699) bridge camera should offer a premium built quality as Fujifilm advertises it is produced in Japan and not in China. It is also rubber coated to offer an optimal handgrip and its 26x zoom lens not only goes from 24mm to 624mm with a manual zoom ring (which is something I love in a high end digital camera) but the 26x Fujinon is also a fast lens. It maximum aperture is a generous F/2.8 in wide angle and a very satisfying F/5.6 in telephoto.

The rest of the camera is pretty classical stuff like RAW format (that is a must-have feature and not all bridge camera do offer raw format), a 1.44 dots EVF, a 3″ / 460 000 dots LCD swivel screen, 8 film simulation modes, a generous lithium-ion battery which should last 500 shots according to Fujifilm’s press release, ….

I like it, the X-S1 is the best bridge camera ever.

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