Canon EOS C300 first movie


Canon’s cinema range first EOS camera, the EOS C300 is not yet released but we can already see how good it will behave : huge sensitivity and outstanding image quality brought to cinegraphers.

This demo is due to Jon Yi, a talented director / cinematographer who had the opportunity to put his hands on a Canon EOS C300. It shows how efficient the large sensor of the c300 is both to create smooth and nice bokeh as well as how good it behaves in high ISO settings allowing users to actually choose a very small aperture like f/11 or even f/16 even though they are working in poor light conditions, so that they can add more details of the background to their composition, especially when filming an iconic view. In this EOS C300 movie, you’ll see some amazingly clean scenes shot at ISO 1250 and even ISO 5000, almost noise free.

This Canon EOS C300 movie shows some interesting examples of footages with Canon EF 8-15mm L fisheye or the gorgeous EF 100mm F/.8L IS USM macro lens that I reviewed last year.

Cine or TV settings, the EOS C300 gets 8 different Gamma settings which are demonstrated in the video.

Canon EOS C300 = Awesome from Jonathan Yi on Vimeo.


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