Canon EOS 5D Mark II incredible time lapse video


Dustin Farrel is the author of this incredible Time Lapse video.

Do you know this guy ? Probably not, but you really should. He is the photography manager in his family business, a video and broadcast production company located in the Phoenix, Arizona. He just published on Vimeo what is, to me, the most gorgeous time lapse video made to date. He used 250 000 RAW images shot with a Canon EOS 5D mark II camera and very good glass (Canon EF 14mm f/2.8L and 24mm f/1.4L). As you will see, he also mixes exposures (deep sky images along with lightened arches for instance) and a few dolly / traveling technique which make this movie so unique.

There is no particular message in his movie but the beauty of the Southwest landscapes.

You can read his behind the scene interview here at planet 5D.

Here is the movie called “Landscapes Volume 2”

Landscapes: Volume Two from Dustin Farrell on Vimeo.

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