Samsung Multiview MV800 : IFA 2011 hands-on preview


I just popped up to the Samsung booth at the IFA in Berlin where the digital imagine product was waiting for me to show me the game changing Multiview MV800.

This camera is integrated to the dual screen range of the Korean manufacturer but offers only one screen, but a swivel screen and which offers a clear and gorgeous image but that is not it. It is also multitouch and we have to say that we have been totally seduced by the efficiency of this touch-screen based user interface : it is fluid, it is quick and menus are made of icons just like on a smartphone. Actually, you could thing you are using a smartphone while using the MV800.

No, the Multiview MV800 is not connected to any WiFi nor 3G network but it represent a good example of what smart cameras will be and in that area, it is a game changer, a quiet one, but it will set a new standard for GUI. Not only it user interface has seduced me (and I have to say I a far from being a touch-screen camera fan, nor a Samsung fan), the camera itself is very fun to use with a lots of fun features like picture in picture, magic frame, digital effects, easy panoramas… and all at the touch of a button.

The MV800 is ca camera to play with.

Camera specs are rather simple : 16 megapixels resolution (no BSI sensor though, just a CCD), a 28-140mm zoom lens and 720p movie recording.

Priced at 279 euros in Europe, it is a bit highly price tagged but to get a chance to be a winner on the market, the MV800 is also much much smaller and cuter in real life than on the marketing images Samsung sent us the day before when they unveiled it. It is VERY small, built in a solid feel steel material and will definitely fit in any pocket.

Yes, the Samsung MV800 is  game changer. It shows what smart cameras will be. Once they will be connected, they will get new Apps, here for retouching, there to create fun albums or to share in online slideshow or movies…

The Samsung Multiview MV800 is a refreshing new concept, efficient, very thin, lightweight and stylish.

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