Nikon D3100 available in red


Yes, the Nikon D3100 is now available in red !

It is huge Premiere for Nikon whose inspiration on DSLR bodies colors is desperatly flat…. the D3100 is announced in red ! What seems a basic move for Pentax whose K-r is now available in no less than 8 colors is a giant step for Nikon conservatism on body colors (DSLR, not compact…).

Nikon did not tell whether the price of the red D3100 would remain the same nor when it would exactly be available but it really looks good in this red color.

Just a remainder on the D3100 which had been announced one year ago : it is the entry level DSLR in Nikon’s range, yet featuring 14 megapixels APS-C sensor, 11-points AF with full time focusing in video mode. The D3100 also offers Full HD movie recording and the helpful to newbies GUIDE menu.

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