X series lenses in Panasonic G range : Z Vario PZ 14-42mm and 45-175mm


Panasonic has unveiled its new X series premium lenses with motorized zoom and top notch optical quality. The Lumix G Z Vario PZ 14-42mm and 45-175mm. I had the opportunity to try the 14-42mm X lens with the GF3x and I have to say it is a dream combo for those who want to travel light. I just received today the Vario PZ 45-175mm for a full review in the desert by Vegas. Stay tuned !

Panasonic also announced a firmware update for its G series mirrorless cameras : GH2, G3, ,GF3 and GF2 which will enhance the functions of this new line of powerzoom lenses.
The firmware update (V1.1) will make it possible to make full use of the new lenses launched : LUMIX G X VARIO PZ 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 ASPH. POWER O.I.S. (known under the reference name : H-PS14042) and LUMIX G X VARIO PZ 45-175mm / F4.0-5.6 ASPH. / POWER O.I.S. (H-PS45175).

Now, according to Panasonic’s Japanese website, the following functions will be available :
Display of the local length When you zoom, the focal distance is displayed and you can confirm the zoom position.
- Step zoom When you operate the zoom, the zoom will stop at positions corresponding to predetermined distances.
- Zoom resume When you switch the power switch [ON], the zoom positions when you last switched [OFF] are automatically restored.
- Selectable zoom speed Users can select the speed of electric-powered zooming.
The new firmware program ver.1.1 will be available worldwide from the beginning of October at http://panasonic.jp/support/global/cs/dsc/.
The power zoom lenses can be used with DMC-GH2, DMC-G3, DMC-GF3 or DMC-GF2 if the firmware is not updated. However, Panasonic recommends all users to update it.

New powerzoom for G series mirroless cameras

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  1. I have to say that I saw the Panasonic GF3X and it is the first time I see a mirrorless camera with such a small lens that I would consider letting my Sony HX9 down for this nice piece of camera.