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Leica M Summilux 28mm F/1.4 : optics excellence

May 21, 2015 No Comments by

 Summilux Leica-M 1: 1.4 / 28mm ASPH. : you have most of the new Leica lens in its name. It is a Summilux, so we may expect a very upscale lens, made of manufacturing excellence and get the very optics. It’s lens for Leica M rangefinder cameras including the M Monochrom that just has been […]

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Photos and specs of the Panasonic G7 leaked

May 17, 2015 No Comments by

The yet to announce Panasonic G7 mirrorless camera is the star of the photography theme web these days with a massive leak of the G7 photo sand technical specs. These leaked images let us discover what the next generation of advanced mirrrorless Lumix G series will look like ahead of the official unnouncement which should take place […]

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Leica M by Jony Ive for (Red)

Oct 09, 2013 1 Comment by

Apple’s design mentor Jony Ive gave a go to the Leica M rangefinder camera and today, Leica Camera unveiled the Leica M for (Red) on their Google Plus account which reveals the photos of the redesigned Leica M and I have to say, again with a Leica special edition, it is a killer ! For […]

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iPhone 5S camera : here is what’s new

Sep 17, 2013 No Comments by

Unless you were out in an other galaxy for the last two weeks, you know that Apple has unveiled a couple of new iPhones : the iPhone 5C (basically an iPhone 5 with a colorful plastic casing) and the high-end innovative and powerful iPhone 5S (learn more about the iPhone 5S innovations) Here, we are […]

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Sony DSC-QX10 and QX100 : DxO to also launch their smartphone camera dock

Aug 13, 2013 No Comments by

Unless you leaved the planet for a while, you have gear / read about Sony’s extremely smart move and seen the first leaked images of their camera-lens-smartphone-dock QX10 (with 1″ sensor like the RX100 if you please) and QX100. We are all impressed by Sony’s ability to innovate and to mix their technological know-how with […]

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Sony RX1 R : OLPF free sensor

Jun 27, 2013 No Comments by

You know the Sony RX1, this luxury digital compact camera with a full-frame 24-megapixel sensor and a beautiful prime 35mm F2 lens. Sony today announced an optical low-pass filter-free RX1, the “RX1 R”, which skips the optical low-pass filter to improve the resolution to fetch even smaller details. The logic of the Sony RX1, I […]

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Sony RX100 II : Wi-Fi, tiltable screen, backlit 1″ sensor

Jun 27, 2013 No Comments by

Among high-end compact cameras, the Sony RX100 is a big hit and its market share is about the double the second’s among large sensor cameras, the Fujifilm X20. Sony today offers the Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 a bigger brother, a version II, which will coexist with the first one in an upgraded philosophy, offering some significant improvements […]

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Fujinon XF27mmF2.8 pancake lens

Jun 25, 2013 No Comments by

Fujifilm adds a compact fuji-X mount lens to its X-pro1 / X-E-1 and X-M1 camera lineup. This new lens can definitely be called a pancake lens, measuring no more than 23mm thick. It will be a great addition to the already interesting Fuji-X lenses lineup and a perfect combination with the X-M1, the compact budy […]

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Fujifilm X-M1 : the X-Trans sensor goes really compact

Jun 25, 2013 No Comments by

Fujifilm widens again its range of premium compact interchangeable lens X-Series cameras. After the X-Pro1 and its famous / gorgeous hybrid optical viewfinder last year, closely followed by the X-E1 and its EVF , here is the X-M1, a more compact version of the recipe that made the success of this high-quality range, but this […]

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Samsung Galaxy NX camera technical specifications

Jun 20, 2013 No Comments by

After last year’s Galaxy camera (see the Galaxy Camera Review), after last week’s Galaxy S4 Zoom, Samsung unveils today the Galaxy NX, the very first mirrorless APS-C camera with 3G/4G-LTE, Wi-Fi and operated by Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Basically, it is a mix of a NX calera with Android based system. It gets the 2013′s […]

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Leica D-Lux 6 Edition by G-Star RAW

Jun 19, 2013 No Comments by

Leica today introduce a new limited edition of one of its cameras and this time, it is the high-end compact D-Lux 6, itself derived from the excellent Panasonic LX7. This D-Lux 6 has been decorated by various accessories and details made ​​in collaboration with the G-Star RAW fashion brand which has long been working with […]

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Leica X Vario : the “Mini M” turns out to be a Leica X2 with a slow 24-70mm zoom !

Jun 11, 2013 No Comments by

The Leica X Vario is the very first digital compact camera with an APS-C sensor as well as an optical zoom lens. In a teaser that made us very curious, in which the firm of Solms, Germany, promising a “Mini M“, the Leica Vario X was “pre-announced” by Leica. It is now official and it […]

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Apple Raw Compatibility updates 4.06 adds Canon EOS 100D / Rebel SLT and Nikon D7100

Jun 10, 2013 No Comments

Apple updates its RAW engine catalog with 9 new cameras now supported by Max OS X, 10.8 and which allows your photos to be displayed by you Mac as well as being edited in Aperture 3 and iPhoto ’11. Updating the compatibility of Mac OS X system with RAW files, Apple released Raw Compatibility Update […]

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Lightroom 5 is available

Jun 10, 2013 No Comments

If you downloaded the beta version of Lightroom 5 released last April, then you already know the main new features of this new version of Adobe photo workflow. You will certainly have tested the “smart previews”  system with RAW DNG that are a fraction of the size of a full RAW file but still offering […]

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Canon EF-M 11-22 mm f/4-5.6 IS STM lens with collapsible barrel

Jun 06, 2013 1 Comment

Canon today expands its range of EF-M mount lenses for its mirrorless camera EOS-M with the announcement of the EF-M 11-22 mm f/4-5.6 IS STM. This ultra wide-angle lens has : optical image stabilization, STM autofocus motorization and a collapsible barrel that makes it shorter when you don’t use it. Once mounted on a Canon […]

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DxO FilmPack 4 : creative photography tool set

Jun 05, 2013 No Comments

DxO Labs today released DxO FilmPack 4. This new version is an important step towards more creativity for photographers renderings iconic analog film. The software adds many creative effects that are booming right now among photographers. Its user interface is deeply revised to become more graphic and more intuitive.   DxO FilmPack : film for […]

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Canon has produced over 90 million EF lenses

May 29, 2013 No Comments

Canon announced this morning they have reached a new level, 90 million EF lenses have been produced by Canon since 1987 and the first EF lens for the first EOS camera. In 9 months, Canon has produced ​​no less than 10 million lenses since it was in August that Canon announced that it had passed […]

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Ultimate Nikon D3S torture test video

May 24, 2013 No Comments

If you respect your camera, your lenses, your flash, your photo gear in general, please, take a minute and think before watching this insanely cruel video of a torture test conducted by the French guy on his own Nikon D3S. In this crazy ultimate torture test on a Nikon D3S, you will see how tough […]

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360° video with Kolor Autopano Video

May 22, 2013 No Comments

My friends at Kolor, a French small software editor based in the Alpes and responsible of the greatest stitching panoramic images software (Autopano) and virtual tours editor (Panotour) launches a video version of its software in order to create a a real 360° video in which you can browse : the beta1 of Autonpano Video. […]

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Canon EF 200-400 f/4L IS USM with built-in 1.4x extender : world premiere

May 14, 2013 No Comments

Here is an interesting innovation announced by Canon today with this f/4 L series telephoto lens, the Canon EF 200-400mm f/4L IS USM. The innovation lies in the integration of the optical extender which allows an extra x1.4 focal length to turn the 200-400mm into a more powerful 280-560mm (still f/4 !) with just a gesture while […]

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